The Wholeness Work – Interview with Connirae Andreas

06 – The Wholeness Work – Interview with Connirae Andreas

In this article I want to introduce to you one of my own main practices that supports Conscious Leadership: The Wholeness Work by Connirae Andreas. 

Besides developing the groundbreaking work of the Core Transformation Process, which Connirae Andreas is well-known for, her most recent work, the Wholeness Work is another change methodology that came from a crisis in Connirae’s life taking us to a different level of transformation and allowing us a more fundamental change. 

But let’s start with the state of consciousness to understand why the Wholeness Work can help us in this fundamental shift in a simple step by step process. 

What is consciousness? 

Consciousness is the capacity to experience. The capacity to experience the here and now by being fully present without any inner reaction to the outside world or you could say “with no structure of thought that holds me separate from the world or in any kind out of alignment” (Connirae Andreas).  

If we are in the state of Conscious Leadership  
we are in the experience of presence and natural unity. 

We become awake to who we are – the full consciousness that we are – our wholeness without inner separation. And recognizing our wholeness allows us to recognize the wholeness of other beings too.” 

Connirae Andreas on „What is Conscious Leadership“?

If we look at the outside world there is a lot of separation and it’s rarely that we experience the unity with all that is, in our day- to- day lives. Whether it is within ourselves, in our families or friendships, in organizations and with business teams or within our global society.  

I believe that we all have the responsibility to awaken to this natural unity again and the Wholeness Work is a practice that can support us on this path. 

What is the Wholeness Work? 

The Wholeness Work was developed by Connirae Andreas and is the result of her personal struggle with health issues, plus an exploration of modeling what has usually been considered “the unknowable.” 

The result is a simple and highly effective form of therapy and personal growth. Plus an easy-to-do form of meditation. It gives us a direct experience to notice and dissolve what we might call the “every-day sense of the ego” with results are deeply healing to the mind-body system.  

How does the Wholeness Work contribute to Conscious Leadership? 

The Wholeness Work is a unique approach to Conscious Leadership, because it gives us a process to transform, heal and awaken step by step. It isn’t just a nice-sounding idea of awakening and does not only look at awakening as this big massive shift that happens once and then you are there. It is rather a very pragmatic, specific and precise method that anyone can use at any point in time allowing us to get to or stay in this state of Consciousness more and more. 

What are the benefits? 

The Wholeness Work is helping people in very different areas like  

  • relaxation of the nervous system 
  • disappearing of issues 
  • increased sense of well-being and relaxation 
  • better sleep 
  • greater access to our own resources and natural wisdom  
  • and so many more.  

It does this by accessing a fundamental aspect of our psychic structure in a simple and gentle way opening the doorway to a more joyful, loving, creative, and fulfilling life. 

It is a great pleasure for me that I was able to interview Connirae Andreas herself on  

  • how she developed this work and the role of Milton Erickson in this story 
  • why awakening does not have to be the big dramatic shift but can also be a gradual process of subtle shifts in consciousness   
  • how this step by step process works (in this interview she is doing a demo that everyone can join and experience part of the work directly themselves)  
  • the benefits of The Wholeness Work  
  • how it is connected to Conscious Leadership 

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